Introducing Lottery

A new way to organise games inside your home arena and for your remote fans around the world. Create a competition and choose the prizes. Our service will automatically roll out the competitions for the fans via your mobile application.


With Lottery, You always leave as a Winner

We wanted to create a product that gives you the surge that winning always does. You enter into a competition between fans in the arena or even remotely from the warmth of your own couch.

Win merchandise from your favourite team, VIP tickets to games, fan meet-ups with your favourite player. The sky is the limit.


Bring new exciting experiences
to your fans.

Consumers are always more demanding when it comes to customer experience. With Lottery, you can offer new kinds of experiences to your games every day. Engage your local fans in the arena or remotely with a game that gives your fans a chance to win any kind of prizes you wish for. For example, you can offer them your own merchandise or maybe even stuff from your sponsors, enabling new ways for getting even more sponsor visibility, which always means more revenue for you as well.



Bring new content and offer new experiences to your fans that will improve your customer experience. Great customer experience is great business.


Engage your remote fans that root for your team from the warmth of their home couch.


New kind of sponsor visibility
- Create sponsored competitions and offer digital ad spaces that will be directly in the hands of the customer.


Data that helps you to know your fans better and create new data driven services and business decisions.


Raise the downloads and usage of your mobile application easily and efficiently.

How It Works


Create a lottery with the features you want: prizes, sponsors and effects.


Fans receive information about the Lottery from arena screens, social media or directly from your application


In your application, fans enter a 4-digit PIN code which enrolls them into the Lottery as participants.


The Lottery can be started automatically or on-demand. The participants see chosen effects, sponsor's logo and texts.


Winners are able to redeem prizes the way you have selected. For example email coupons or QR-codes.

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